Thursday, 28 December 2017

YR-7: Three-Red Soup

28 Dec 2017

Some people may easily get cold hands and feet, and this feeling often gets worse in winter. While the reason has most to do with one's weakened qi and blood system, or heart condition, doctors can do little about it. However, you might try this food therapy called 'three-red soup':
1/ 250 grams of red beans;
2/ 10 (red) dried dates;
3/ 2 spoonfuls of red (brown) sugar;
Boil the first two ingredients together for a few minutes; then add the third and simmer the soup for another 10 minutes.
Eat the soup every day before breakfast for 10 days as a cycle. Repeat this cycle if necessary, and you will see how it works on you (the effect varies with different people).

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