Monday, 11 December 2017

GYH-5: Taking a Foot Bath Daily

11 Dec 2017

'People begin getting old from their feet.' This is a well known health proverb among Chinese yangsheng practitioners, which pinpoints feet as the very foundation of old-age health.

Important as it is, foot health deserves special attention once we turn fifty in general. To take good care of our feet, we'd better take a foot bath (or spa) for 15 to 20 minutes before bedtime every day. By doing so, we can at least have a better sleep as well as better-functioning legs.

For more and better health effects, it is even more recommendable to use herbal medicine soup instead of water, if not too inconvenient.

Yes, taking a foot bath daily is a good yangsheng habit although it may not be so to some people, like those with diabetes or thrombus problems. As our feet have many an acupoint,  such a bath can help us not only maintain our foot health itself but also improve our physical wellness as a whole.

However, please be warned that those with diabetes and high blood-pressure should avoid foot bathing, as it may produce an undesirable effect.

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