Wednesday, 31 January 2018

YE&T-10: Toe Standing

31 Janurary 2018

A well known Chinese yangsheng saying goes: people start getting old down from the feet. To slow down the ageing process, it is very helpful to do toe standing exercise. This is the basic way how to do it:
1. put your two feet in a parallel position and stand up straight on your toes as tall as possible;
2. hold your toe-standing posture for 2 seconds before letting your heels down;
3. repeat the process 108 times on a daily basis.

Monday, 29 January 2018

GYH-10: Drinking Yangsheng Tea Daily

29 January 2018

Besides (boiled) water, the second best or healthiest drink is all kinds of 'yangsheng tea,' which can be divided into two major categories: single-ingredient tea (such as green tea, ooloong tea, or coffee) and multi-ingredient tea (such as ginger-date tea and wolfberry-astragalus tea). While such health drinks are all herbal and organic, they will produce good health results if you consume them on a regular basis and selectively according to your specific health conditions.  In other words, you should choose to drink what is most suitable to you at the best time. If you are not sure, green tea and coffee might be the most viable choice.

Drinking yangsheng tea daily is certainly one of the best living habits any practitioner may have.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

WTY-9: Ways to Prevent Cancer

27 January 2018

1/ Open windows at least half an hour daily (especially to prevent lung cancer);

2/ Wipe your back with a dry towel for 10 minutes or until you feel warm on a regular basis;

3/ Eat raw garlic (cut and exposed to air for more than 10 min) and green onion as often as possible (esp. to prevent stomach cancer)

4/ Drink soy milk (esp. to prevent breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer), but such cancer patients and those suffering from peptic ulcer, gastritis and gout should avoid it;

5/ Walk for at least half an hour daily (esp. to prevent colorectal cancer and  pancreatic cancer);

6/ Drink 6 cups of water (roughly 240g each) daily (esp. to reduce the risk of bladder cancer for men, and colon cancer for women by 45%);

7/ Sunbathing for 15 min daily (esp. to prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and gastric cancer), but too long would increase the risk of skin cancer;

8/. Drink 4 cups of green tea daily (to reduce the risk of cancer by 40%);

9/ Chew your food at least 30 times before swallow (esp. to prevent gastrointestinal cancer);

10/ Sleep 7 hours every night (esp. to prevent breast cancer);

11/ Reduce sugar intake (esp. to prevent pancreatic cancer); and

12/ Eat red meat with a cup of red wine (esp. to prevent colon cancer)

Thursday, 25 January 2018

YR-9: Yangsheng Tea for Winter

25 January 2018

1/ 1 or 2 spoonful of brown sugar if preferred
2/ 8-10 dates
3/ 1 piece of fresh ginger
4/ 800-1000 ml of water

1/ cut the dates and ginger into small pieces after washing them well;
2/ boil the dates and ginger for 20 minutes;
3/ add the sugar if preferred;
4/ filter the water

Drink the 'tea', and eat the dates better before or at lunchtime.

姜枣茶的做法 步骤1

姜枣茶的做法 步骤2

姜枣茶的做法 步骤3

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

BHH-9: Slouching

23 January 2018

Most of us slouch most of the time. This is a bad habit because the lazy posture would cause spine-related problems, including neck, chest and back pain. More importantly, such problems could in turn cause internal organs to malfunction. The reason lies in the way prolonged poor postures inevitably change our bone structure in the long run. Once our bone structure changes, our internal organs would be 'squeezed' and suffer as a result.

Friday, 19 January 2018

WTY-9: Yangsheng and the Confrontation with Reality

19 January 2018

The most important impact that life may have upon us is what is happening to us in the moment. More often than not, whether we feel happy or not has the most to do, in other words, with the way we see and face the concurrent situation we find ourselves in. For the sake of yangsheng, to live a happy life, it is therefore imperative to develop and sustain the right attitude towards what we are experiencing right now.
All the happenings or non-happenings we are facing can be divided into three large categories: good/desirable, bad/undesirable, and whatever else in between.
If something good is happening to you, you well know how to face it, but keep in mind that good things can be bad in disguise, or may turn to bad in time while you enjoy or celebrate it.
If nothing particular is happening, you should learn to wait for something good to come. (If you keep thinking or worrying about bad things, they most probably will come.)
If something bad, really bad is happening to you, you'd better keep reminding yourself of the following:
1/ Something bad can be a good thing in disguise, or may turn to good in time;
2/ Bad things could have been much worse, and therefore may actually be worth celebrating;
3/ Each negative experience is meant to prepare you for a better future.
Once you integrate into your mindset Lao Zi's teaching 'Luck and misfortune always come in turns' (福兮祸所伏, 祸兮福所倚 ), you will certainly be able to develop a basically positive mentality.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

YE&T-9: Tongue Exercise for the Brain

17 Janurary 2018

For the well being of your brain, or to prevent Alzheimer's disease, it's helpful to do this group of tongues exercies:
1/ Reach out your tongue as far out as possible before withdraw it back;
2/ Wave your tongues outside your mouth from left to right or the other way around;
3/ Bite your tongue everywhere as hard as you do not feel hurt.
Do each set of the exercises 36 rounds once a day.

Monday, 15 January 2018

GYH-9: Brushing Teeth after Food Intake

15 January 2018

As there are always a large number of bad bacteria left in our mouth after food intake, it is a good habit to brush our teeth after each meal (or 15 minutes or so after eating certain foods, such as apples and yogurt).  Even if circumstances do not allows us to do so, we should at least rinse our mouths well with clean water to maintain oral hygiene. This habit is particularly helpful to our tooth, heart, blood system, among other things.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

WTY-8: Soong Mei-ling's Yangsheng Secrets

13 January 2018

Soong Mei-ling or Soong May-ling, former first lady of the Republic China, lived up to 106 years of age despite the breast cancer she had developed by age 40. During an interview about how she managed to live such a healthy, happy and long life, she made several most important points:

1. Keep up a good mood - she seldom got angry, worried, sad, or too emotional about anything;
2. Avoid salty and greasy foods - she ate mostly vegetables, spinach and celery in particular;
3. Pursue a good hobby - she began to learn traditional Chinese painting around age 70 and eventually became a highly attained artist.

Image result for soong may-ling
             photo taken at age 106

Thursday, 11 January 2018

YR-8: Mushroom Braised with Turnip

11 January 2018

- main ingredients
1. White turnip
2. Dried Mushroom

1. soak dried mushrooms in water for 2 hours or so;
2. wash the turnip and cut it into chosen shapes;
3. put a spoonful of edible oil into the wok;
4. add slices of green onion when the oil is warm;
5. fry the turnip with the oil and green onion for a few minutes;
6. add the mushrooms, water, salt and soy sauce;
7. boil everything together;
8. add sliced chilly (or other spices of one's choice) when the water/soup becomes almost totally absorbed;
9. stir everything well before putting it into a container

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

BHH-8: Eating Too Much

9 January 2018

With plenty of food for most people nowadays, we tend to eat too much on a regular basis. During the suppertime when we should actually eat much less than during other times, we often eat too much, especially 'good' foods, such as meat, fish and highly refined grain. According to many yangsheng experts, many of us modern people suffer from poorer health and more diseases than our ancestors simply because we eat more than needed by our body. Over food intake makes our digestive system over-work, while too much nutrition definitely does more harm than good to our body. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

WTY-8: Yangsheng and Positive Mentality

5 January 2018

Whoever wants to live a healthier, happier and longer life must perforce have a positive mentality.

As a state of mind, 'a positive mentality' is actually a composite of basic attitudes, which mainly include the attitudes towards what we are facing in the moment, who and what we ourselves have been up to now, and what we expect in the future. Apparently, if we can at least most of the time see and treat with a positive attitude what is happening to us at the moment, we will become attained yangsheng practitioners and thus live a more enjoyable life.
Some people may have been 'born' with a positive mentality; others can certainly learn and develop it in a self-conscious way. No matter what, a positive mentality has nothing to do with who you are, what you do, where you live or how rich/poor you have been.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

YE&T-8: Shoulder Lifting

3 January 2018

To prevent yourself from catching a cold in particular, or help improve your immune system in general, you might want to lift your two shoulders simultaneously as high as possible before letting them down every morning or afternoon, once or twice a day, 36 rounds each time.

Monday, 1 January 2018

GYH-8: Tea Drinking & New Posting Schedule

1 January 2017
GYH-8: Green Tea Drinking

Some people may prefer coffee, some tea, and still others just water. While all these three are very helpful liquids to the body, the healthiest one is arguably tea, especially green tea. For elder people or those beginning to age, green tea is undoubtedly the best kind of drink: as recent scientific studies show, it contains more polyphenols than any other kind of drink, which function to boost one's immune system and fight against ageing, among other good effects.


As some friends have kindly suggested, we are going to post yangsheng material according to a less frequent or new alternate schedule from today on - the idea behind it is to allow our fellow yangsheng practitioners more leisure, since daily postings may be a bit too demanding to some friends.

Mon: Good Yangsheng Habits (GYH)
Wed: Exercises & Therapies (E&T)
Fri: Footnotes to Yangsheng (FTY)

Tue: Bad Human Habits (BHH)
Thu: Yangsheng Recipes (YR)
Sat: Way towards Yangsheng (WTY)