Friday, 22 December 2017

WTY-6: Yangsheng and Destiny

22 December 2017

Many people believe in destiny or fate, if not in God. Since fate is by definition a 'necessary' development of events beyond human control, it is considered to be unchangeable by any one. Whether one can live a good life or achieve one's life goals thus depends more on fate than on effort. As for one's life span, it is something always preordained by the 'Sky', as most Chinese people believe.

However, that's not true. Even if there is a 'sky' or supernatural being controlling our fate, we can always do something about it. Theoretically, whatever is to happen to us results more or less from a combination of causes, which may have to do with our genes, character, psychological tendencies, behavioural patterns, past experiences, living circumstances, social backgrounds and etc. Such conditioning elements are never entirely out of our control, for we can at least reform our selfhoods.

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