Friday, 8 December 2017

FTY-4: Yangsheng and Lifestyle

8 Dec 2017

According to Zhong Nanshan, a leading yangsheng expert in China today, our health and life span depend 15% on our genes, 10% on our social environment, 7% on our physical environment, 8% on our medical resources, and 60% on our lifestyle. That is to say, how healthy we are and how long we can live are determined most significantly by our own chosen lifestyle.

What is our lifestyle then? 'The way a person lives', as it is defined, is in essence nothing but an individualised set of habits, which we have develop since our birth. This set may vary with different people in numbers, but basically, it can be divided into two large categories, one concerning our behaviours, the other our inner activities.

To live a healthy and attain longevity is primarily to develop a whole set of good habits conducive, to yangsheng is to follow a good lifestyle.

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