Monday, 4 December 2017

GYH-4: Eating Less Than 'Enough'

4 Dec 2017

One of the very best habits to develop for the sake of yangsheng is to eat your fill only by around 70%. Eating too much is always worse than eating enough, while eating enough is in most cases worse than eating less than enough.

In other words, it is a particularly good habit to practise quantity control of food intake.

As it usually takes at least 20 minutes for our stomach to tell our 'brain' whether we have had enough food intake, eating enough actually means eating too much already before we stop eating at a meal. If what we eat is 'junk food' or non nutrition-balanced food, eating too much will be doubly detrimental to our health.

Eating your fill only by around 70 % will prevent your digestive system from over-working. Also, this good eating habit can help avoid many potential health problems.

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