Friday, 29 December 2017

WTY-7: Yangsheng and Occupation

29 Dec 2017

Although there is no specific statistic report showing which occupations are most yangsheng-friendly, we can reasonably assume that Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors live a healthier, happier and longer life than most other groups of people.

Not only do they have more yangsheng knowledge (as partly required by their profession), but they also begin to practise yangsheng self-consciously at an earlier age than any other professional groups of people in the world. Naturally, like certain schools of Daoist priests, they are among the most accomplished yangsheng practitioners.

We are not all TMC doctors, nor do we have to choose this occupation to become accomplished yangsheng practitioners, but we can begin learning and practising yangsheng sooner than later. After all, don't we all hope to enjoy a healthy, happy and perhaps long life?

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