Saturday, 16 December 2017

WTY-5: Prevention of Diseases or Poor Health

16 December 2017

There are specifically different reasons for our poor health or diseases, but in general, the following ten may prove to be common root causes in most cases:

1/ Getting angry easily;
2/ Often staying up late at night;
3/ Eating uncommon foods or simply too much;
4/ Doing little physical exercise;
5/ Taking everything too seriously all the time; 
6/ Feeling sad too long;
7/ Remaining depressed for a long time;
8/ Working too hard (or 'overdrafting' oneself) for long;
9/ Worrying too much constantly; and
10/ Living too lonely a life

Ostensibly, 1/, 5/, 6/ 7/ and 9/ are psychological and related directly to one's personality traits, whereas the others are mostly (social/behavioural) habits. 

According to yangsheng experts, we can live a life relatively free of diseases if we avoid the above 10 psychological or behavioural tendencies. 

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