Friday, 15 December 2017

WTY-5: Yangsheng and Religion

15 December 2017

Yangsheng and religion are closely interrelated. Succinctly, their relationship can be seen in two simple ways.

On the one hand, as a system of beliefs, religion may play a significantly helpful role in yangsheng. Whether they are self-conscious yangsheng practitioners or not, those with a strong religious faith can usually live a happier life than most non-religious people. The most important reason lies in the way strongly religious people are better prepared spiritually to deal with all kinds of hardships in life. With a solid faith, they may suffer less psychologically, to say the least.

On the other, both yangsheng and religion are a practice or, rather, lifestyle. Just as a particular religion determines the particular way its followers live, yangsheng guides its practitioners in terms of how they should live. Religious people have a whole set of living habits centering around a super-being, while yangsheng practitioners also have a whole set of living habits centering around their own life.

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