Tuesday, 5 December 2017

BHH-4: Getting Angry Easily

5 Dec 2017

Of all the bad living habits we have developed over time, getting angry easily is probably the very worst, and also the most difficult one for us to give it up. No matter how it may have become part of our nature or personality, this psychological tendency is definitely as harmful to our health as any other bad habit in the long run. While traditional Chinese medicine has kept warning us that anger can have a particularly damaging effect on our liver, recent scientific studies show that fury actually produces a toxic element within our body, which can be poisonous enough to kill a lab rat.

In addition to its negative impact on our physical wellbeing, anger can also lead us to say or do something stupid, wrong or destructive. Since wrath can serve no good purpose at all in our lives, we should learn to get this negative feeling under control in every conceivable way.

To many Chinese yangsheng practitioners, anger control has been a major part of spiritual cultivation since ancient times.

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