Thursday, 11 January 2018

YR-8: Mushroom Braised with Turnip

11 January 2018

- main ingredients
1. White turnip
2. Dried Mushroom

1. soak dried mushrooms in water for 2 hours or so;
2. wash the turnip and cut it into chosen shapes;
3. put a spoonful of edible oil into the wok;
4. add slices of green onion when the oil is warm;
5. fry the turnip with the oil and green onion for a few minutes;
6. add the mushrooms, water, salt and soy sauce;
7. boil everything together;
8. add sliced chilly (or other spices of one's choice) when the water/soup becomes almost totally absorbed;
9. stir everything well before putting it into a container

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