Friday, 19 January 2018

WTY-9: Yangsheng and the Confrontation with Reality

19 January 2018

The most important impact that life may have upon us is what is happening to us in the moment. More often than not, whether we feel happy or not has the most to do, in other words, with the way we see and face the concurrent situation we find ourselves in. For the sake of yangsheng, to live a happy life, it is therefore imperative to develop and sustain the right attitude towards what we are experiencing right now.
All the happenings or non-happenings we are facing can be divided into three large categories: good/desirable, bad/undesirable, and whatever else in between.
If something good is happening to you, you well know how to face it, but keep in mind that good things can be bad in disguise, or may turn to bad in time while you enjoy or celebrate it.
If nothing particular is happening, you should learn to wait for something good to come. (If you keep thinking or worrying about bad things, they most probably will come.)
If something bad, really bad is happening to you, you'd better keep reminding yourself of the following:
1/ Something bad can be a good thing in disguise, or may turn to good in time;
2/ Bad things could have been much worse, and therefore may actually be worth celebrating;
3/ Each negative experience is meant to prepare you for a better future.
Once you integrate into your mindset Lao Zi's teaching 'Luck and misfortune always come in turns' (福兮祸所伏, 祸兮福所倚 ), you will certainly be able to develop a basically positive mentality.

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