Monday, 1 January 2018

GYH-8: Tea Drinking & New Posting Schedule

1 January 2017
GYH-8: Green Tea Drinking

Some people may prefer coffee, some tea, and still others just water. While all these three are very helpful liquids to the body, the healthiest one is arguably tea, especially green tea. For elder people or those beginning to age, green tea is undoubtedly the best kind of drink: as recent scientific studies show, it contains more polyphenols than any other kind of drink, which function to boost one's immune system and fight against ageing, among other good effects.


As some friends have kindly suggested, we are going to post yangsheng material according to a less frequent or new alternate schedule from today on - the idea behind it is to allow our fellow yangsheng practitioners more leisure, since daily postings may be a bit too demanding to some friends.

Mon: Good Yangsheng Habits (GYH)
Wed: Exercises & Therapies (E&T)
Fri: Footnotes to Yangsheng (FTY)

Tue: Bad Human Habits (BHH)
Thu: Yangsheng Recipes (YR)
Sat: Way towards Yangsheng (WTY)

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