Monday, 29 January 2018

GYH-10: Drinking Yangsheng Tea Daily

29 January 2018

Besides (boiled) water, the second best or healthiest drink is all kinds of 'yangsheng tea,' which can be divided into two major categories: single-ingredient tea (such as green tea, ooloong tea, or coffee) and multi-ingredient tea (such as ginger-date tea and wolfberry-astragalus tea). While such health drinks are all herbal and organic, they will produce good health results if you consume them on a regular basis and selectively according to your specific health conditions.  In other words, you should choose to drink what is most suitable to you at the best time. If you are not sure, green tea and coffee might be the most viable choice.

Drinking yangsheng tea daily is certainly one of the best living habits any practitioner may have.

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