Friday, 2 March 2018

WTY-11:Emotion Control and Positive Mentality

1 Mar 2018
Anyone who hopes to develop a positive mentality or seek happiness self-consciously has to learn how to manage his or her emotions. People might punch walls hard in anger, yell aloud in depression or get drunk in sadness. Such ways to deflate one's pent-up emotions may prove temporarily effective, and certainly less destructive than become physically violent, but there are always more constructive ways to release our intensive negative feelings. For example, we can seek professional help from psychotherapists or detract our attention by engaging ourselves in various expressive or creative activities (like singing, writing, painting, working, meditating, exercising, etc.).
No matter what, only those who have developed a strong enough innerself can control their emotions in the healthiest and most natural way. Put another way, to develop a positive mentality, one must learn to transcend one's immediate experience through spiritual cultivation.
Growing strong inside is the 'best' way to build a positive mentality. Having a truly powerful innerself is as helpful as having a strong and sincerely religious faith for yangsheng.

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