Saturday, 10 March 2018

WTY-12: The Key to Longevity

10 Mar 2018

As clearly revealed in the scientific research work done by Elizabeth Blackburn, the well known Australian-American Nobel laureate, the key to slowing ageing or increasing one's life expectancy lies 25 % in what one eats, 25 % in other factors combined, but as high as 50 % in what may be called one's psychological equilibrium. That is to say, to develop and maintain a 'good' mentality is to live a healthy and long life, whereas eating and doing exercise are secondary.

Examples in real life are abundant. According to many statistic studies carried out in and outside China in recent years, those who have been living up to more than a century, a much longer life than the vast majority of us are almost unexceptionally 'good-natured': no matter what reason, they seem to have been born to be cheerful, optimistic, and relatively easy to feel satisfied.

So long as you and I manage to have a balanced psychology, we can live longer than at least we ourselves are 'meant' to.

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