Thursday, 23 November 2017

YR-2: Tofu Fried with Black Fungus

- Ingredients:
1/ 250 g Tofu 
2/ 100 g Black Fungus
3/ One green pepper
4/ Two cloves of garlic
5/ One spoonful of salt
6/ One spoonful of soy sauce
7/ One spoonful of chilli sause

- Method:
1/ Cut tofu into pieces of your chosen shape
2/ Soak the fungus in water for 2 hours, wash it well, and tear it into smaller pieces
3/ Peel off the garlic, wash the pepper and cut them into smaller pieces
4/ Put the garlic pepper into the wok when the oil is hot
5/ Add fungus, salt and fry them together for a couple of minutes 
6/ Put them away in a plate, and wash the wok
7/ Put the tofu pieces into the wok when the oil is warm
8/ Fry the tofu well on both sides until the surface becomes yellowish
9/ Add, salt, soy sauce, chilli sauce and a glass of water
10/ boil the tofu well until the soup is almost completely absorbed
11/ Add the cooked fungus into the wok, and fry everything together
12/ Remove everything out of the wok

- Note
This dish is not only very delicious but highly conducive to health. Eating it regularly is good to the lungs, helps improve the immune system, and especially maintain the health of one's heart and blood systems. 

                                                            Tofu Fried with Black Fungus

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