Wednesday, 15 November 2017

E&T-1: Exercise to Prevent Cataract & Presbyopia

Presbyopia occurs to everyone as part of the aging process, while cataracts are in most cases also age-related. Medical studies show risks of cataract and presbyopia increase steadily after the age of 40, and more than 90% of the population will develop such vision problems by age 65. Presbyopia is an unrecoverable issue. If not controlled or treated, cataracts can definitely lead to (legal) blindness.

If you want to prevent cataract and presbyopia, the most effective exercise is this::
1. Close your eyes;
2. Turn your pupils (to 'see') clockwise 36 times first, and then anti-clockwise another 36 times;
3. Use you two (fore)finger tips to press the qingming acupoint 36 times (see the picture below);

Keep doing this exercise once a day from age 40 to 50, twice a day from age 50 to 65, and more if needed. By so doing, your eyes(vision) will remain as 'young' as you would like to.

Image result for 睛明穴
the qingming acupoint

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