Wednesday, 22 November 2017

E&R-2: Neck Exercise

Neck or Neck-related problems such as pain, stiffness and dizziness used to be very common among mid-aged and elderly people, especially among those who had to sit at a desk most of the time, but now such problems are common among all age groups except perhaps babies and small children. Actually, this health issue has been growing increasingly serious as more and more people become 'addicted' to computers and cellphones.

Of many different ways to maintain your neck health, the following 4 kinds of exercise are probably more helpful to prevent, control and relieve the symptoms.
1/ Keep your neck straight, and push your head hard against your hands 36 times in each of the four directions;
2/ Punch yourself in the areas between your neck and shoulders 36 times from both the front and back;
3/ Reach out your arms horizontally in a straight line with palms up, and move them up and down like a butterfly moving its wingsour 108 rounds;
4/ Stand straight on your toes, and try to keep looking up at the sky/ceiling for 2-3 seconds and repeat this movement 36 times. 

If you do any two of the above 4 kinds of exercise on a daily basis, you will find them helpful to your neck problems. In my own case, a few years ago, I had a stiff neck almost every week, but since I began to do the exercise, I have never had one, while my neck pain and dizziness have also improved quite a lot.

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