Saturday, 18 November 2017

WTY-1: Why This Site?

Never did I think of creating another (blog) site after, let alone one about yangsheng. Indeed, with my extremely limited screen time and my deplorably poor computer skills, I would not spend any more time online than it is absolutely necessary besides maintaining daily communication and my e.journal Poetry Pacific. While enjoying a reasonably satisfactory life of freedom and happiness now, I sometimes doubt if it is really foolish to commit myself to another big project. However, for many years already, I have been haunted by two things.

One thing is that I strongly wish to have begun to pay attention to yangsheng at a much earlier age. Born with half a dozen congenital defects/deformities and growing up in poverty like an abandoned child in a remote Chinese village, I went through a great deal of physical and psychological suffering. In my later teenager years, I certainly knew the word 'yangsheng', but ignored it as something to be concerned by the rich or old only. For me, doing some physical exercise was all that I could and should do about my health. As a result, I continued to suffer from a poor health in addition to constant spiritual crises and physical hardships until I started to take yangsheng more seriously in 2011 when I attended a Puti Meditation class in Vancouver. Ever since then, I have come to more peaceful terms with myself. Although new health problems keep popping up in recent years, I have managed to recover from or get control over them. I know if I had begun to practise yangsheng earlier, I could have avoided, postponed, or alleviated all my ‘acquired' health problems.

Another thing is that I have always admired those who can make great contributions to the human world. Inventors, scientists, leading businessmen, spiritual and (sometimes) political leaders are particularly helpful in a big way. With my highly limited knowledge and capabilities, I could only try to contribute to society in my humblest way. Beginning from 2011, I have been following my own rule: since i am incapable of helping others in a big way, I should try to help those few who can do so. Quite against my character and despite my eye problems, I have done some translation and publishing work for a couple of spiritual leaders in the past few years, and now I volunteer as a diaper guy with the Foodbank. Realising that I have benefited a lot from yangsheng, I believe by creating a site to share my experience and knowledge, I can help people in a bit less small way.

It is my strong belief that as one of the most significant contributions Chinese have made to the human civilisation, yangsheng can benefit every human being on earth, and thus should be everyone's lifelong concern. Since no government or any educational institution has shown any interest in this, I am ready to introduce yangsheng to the non-Chinese-speaking world. Should a few pageviewers be able to benefit somehow from my effort, should yangsheng eventually become a government or educational program, I would certainly be more than happy.

Yes, given its great benefit to humanity, yangsheng ought to be a subject taught in high school, studied in university, integrated into government programs, and practised by everyone.

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