Thursday, 16 November 2017

YR-1:Plain Fried Cabbage

- Ingredients
1/ 400 g cabbage;
2/ two chili peppers;
3/ one spoonful of edible oil;
4/ half spoonful of salt;
5/ one green onion

1/ Tear cabbage leaves into small pieces, and soak them in water for several minutes before draining;
2/ Cut the green onion and chilli peppers into slices;
3/ Put the onion and peppers into the wok/pan when the oil is warm;
3/ Put the cabbage pieces into the wok/pan when the oil is hot;
4/ Fry all the ingredients together well, evenly for 2 minutes or so

(For a different flavour, fry cabbage with two spoonfuls of vinegar instead of putting pepper beforehand.)

- Note
As cabbage is one of the very healthiest vegetables available, eat it as much as often as possible to keep your blood vessels, esp. arteries clean and free of garbage. In addition, this king of vegetables is particularly helpful in six other important ways: enhancing liver function, controlling blood pressure, adjusting blood sugar level, nurturing the stomach, ageing and inflammation-countering.

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