Thursday, 22 February 2018

YR&T-11: Rice Pudding

22 Feb 2018

- ingredients:
1. peanuts;
2. red beans;
3. black rice;
4. semen coicis;
5: taro;
6. dates;
7. mung beans;
8. glutinous rice;
9. millet

- methods:
1. wash well a half-handful of each ingredient (except dates and taro);
2. soak 10 or so dates for about 10 minutes;
3. peel off about 100 g of taro and cut it into small pieces;
4. put peanuts, red beans, semen coicis and black rice in about 1000 ml of water and cook them together for about 30 minutes;
5. add the taro, dates, glutinous rice, mung beans and millet to the pot and
6. continue to cook everything together for another one hour or so.

This pudding is particularly conducive to health for ageing people, and thus should be part of daily diet.

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