Saturday, 24 February 2018

WTY-11: Zhu Zongxiang and His Yangsheng Secret

24 Feb 2018

Zhu Zongxiang, born in 1923, is one of the best known and most achieved yangsheng expert in China today. Despite his old age, he not only looks like but 'is' a young man as well: almost every test result of his physical condition is as perfectly normal as that of a healthy 30-year-old.

His secret is the so-called '3-1-2 meridian exercise,' which he himself invented decades ago, and has been practising twice daily ever since then. (For more detail, we will introduce it briefly in our wednesday postings in due time.)

More important,  to find or even 'invent' an exercise most suitable to you and do it persistently is one of the keys to your long-term physical well being.

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