Friday, 16 February 2018

WTY-11: Dialectic Perspective for Yangsheng Practitioners

16 February 2018

If you were not 'born' with a cheerful personality or do not have a strong and sincere religious faith either to help equip youself with a positive mentality, you can certainly try to develop a dialectic outlook to do so. Indeed, the wisest and most mature way of looking at what is happening to and around us right now is to see it in terms of constant change: bad things can turn good, and vice versa.
No one likes suffering or hardship, be it physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, and it takes a saint to enjoy it in the moment. However, once you are ready to see and believe that everything we are experience is changing, you already have a basically positive mentality which is essential to yangsheng.
Since good things can turn bad, you should remain on alert and take preventative steps. If you are going through something really bad, remember it is coming closer to an end every minute, while you can always turn it for the better by learning something from it at least.
A dialectic world outlook is the best and strongest philosophical foundation for a positive mentality. For those yangsheng practitioners with a 'negative' temperament or without a religious faith, such outlook is particularly helpful. To adopt this outlook is to convert one to true wisdom.

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