Saturday, 19 May 2018

WTY-18: Religious Faith and Longevity

19 May 2018

As described in Wikipedia (, Yisrael Kristal, was born Izrael Icek Kryształ (Hebrew: ישראל קרישטל‎) in Poland, then part of the Russian Empire on September 15, 1903, and died on August 11, 2017. Officially recognized as the oldest living Holocaust survivor, and the oldest living man in the world as well as one of the ten oldest men ever, he said something to this effect when talking about the secret about his longevity: I don't know any secret about it, but I do believe that God has made the best arrangements for me.

That is to say, his firm faith in God played a crucial role in his longevity. In fact, 'Kristal remained religiously observant all his life.'

Yisrael Kristal (cropped).jpg

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