Saturday, 5 May 2018

WTY-17: Cancer Preventing

5 May 2018

Every one has about 20% chance of getting a cancer in his/her lifetime. According to recent studies, the cause of most cancers is about 30% related to smoking, 30% to food intake, and the rest to the environment.

In practice, different groups of people use different methods to prevent from getting a cancer. Specifically, the most helpful thing to do on a daily basis for Chinese is drinking green tea ; for Britons, 1.6 km of walking; for Australians, an orange; for French people, one hour of fast walking; for Americans, having 7 hours of good sleep; for South Koreans, 3 servings of nuts (every week); for Germans, eating plenty of tomatoes; for Swedish people, avoiding liquors; for Japanese, avoiding sugar.

By doing all the above listed things, you can certainly reduce your chance of getting a cancer to the very minimum.

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