Friday, 27 April 2018

WTY-16: Yangsheng and Self-Satisfaction

27 April 2018
Although almost everyone desires, and may keep striving hard, to become rich and/or famous, neither the rich nor the famous are all really happy. While many people may never achieve their life goals no matter how hard they try and how smart they are, those who do manage to get what they want are often less happy than they believed they would be. Such being the deplorable human reality, yangsheng or happiness is not necessarily related to whether people are really successful in life or not.
Many people who are actually even more intelligent and more hardworking turn out far less successful than those popularly recognised as such. The reason is very simple: luck, timing, placing or socialising may play a significantly bigger role than people would think. Just as Chinese folk wisdom clearly suggests, a hero is a product of his own times.
To yangsheng well or attain true happiness, you may therefore never have to get exactly what you have desired, but you must learn to become ready to accept and even satisfied with who you are and what you have been.

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