Friday, 13 April 2018

WTY-15: Success and Yangsheng

13 April 2018
For the vast majority of people, 'success' is measured in terms of money or fame or both. Whoever achieves his/her 'career goal' or 'American Dream' by becoming exceptionally wealthy or famous is popularly considered to be highly successful in life. For others, the measurement can be power/position, knowledge/wisdom, interest, health, love/family or the like. Once people manage to attain their life goals to a certain extent, they will usually be able to enjoy a truly happy life. Otherwise, they would feel unsatisfied with their own lives and keep striving continuously for their goals. In this sense, success and yangsheng are closely interrelated.
In practice, some people may live for money (or fame) all their lives; some may pursue different goals during different stages of their lives; others may try to fulfil several things at the same time (or for a lifetime).
Given the close relationship between personal success and true happiness, I believe only those who measure 'success' in their own (individualised) terms rather than in others' can live with a strong and sustained sense of happiness.
So, to yangsheng or find happiness, it is highly recommendable to follow our own hearts and define success in a personal way.

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